Vanessa Grigoriadis

Journalist Vanessa Grigoriadis is known for smart, incisive profiles of the rich and in/famous. Now she's brought her talents to the podcast realm as the host of "Tabloid: The Making of Ivanka Trump," the new series from New York Magazine and Luminary that explores the evolution of the first daughter in an attempt to decipher what makes her tick. [Editor's note: We're hooked.]

Below, Vanessa recommends five podcasts—in addition to her own—you should be listening to.

"The Dream"

"I find a lot of narrative podcasts too formulaic, but 'The Dream,' hosted by former 'This American Life' producer Jean Marie, held my attention to the end. She returns to Michigan to find friends and family selling makeup and fashion in multi-level marketing schemes, then moves from those stories into deep thoughts about the American dream."

"Political Gabfest"

"Emily Bazelon is the legal expert. John Dickerson is the political expert. David Plotz is the fly in the ointment. So much fun."

"Reply All"

"The sophisticated and erudite version of funny morning drive folks from the radio of yore."


"Virginia Heffernan probably has the best vocabulary in America. Listening to her let loose with ripostes about Trump is pure joy."

"Politics and More"

"I listen religiously to this show on trends and geopolitics, from the space race to border policy to Kashmir, often hosted by New Yorker executive editor Dorothy Wickenden."


"It’s not a podcast (yet), but I’m mighty amused by Graydon Carter’s new Saturday morning newsletter. Profiles, news from Britain, James Wolcott, and lots of travel porn."