Caroline Goldfarb

In addition to her budding career as a comedy writer, Caroline Goldfarb is a digital jack-of-all-trades. She's the is the brains behind the celebrity Instagram account @officialseanpenn, the host of the podcast "This Week Had Me Like" and the purveryor of an e-boutique with the most pornographic cursor we've ever had the good fortune to encounter.

What inspired you to start @officialseanpenn?

It was just my regular Instagram account! I used it to post weird shit to make my friends laugh and it just blew up. I’ve always been obsessed with finding stuff on the Internet, it’s not something I “decided” to start doing. This shit is in my blood, in my DNA.

With almost 400k followers, how do you explain its success?

I honestly can’t. Probably a big part of it is people thinking I’m actually Sean Penn, LOL.

Tell us about the Korean photoshop apps you use?

Line Camera for putting stickers on pictures, Wunderroom for #Alisa for adding a sparkly background to something, WonderCam for smoothing, and Giffiti for adding moving stickers to things.

What do you consider your masterpiece post?

That’s a really hard one. Anything with the caption “Hit da blunt 2 hard” is usually my favorite—i.e. an insanely weird photo with a caption implying that you have to be high to understand it or when you hit the blunt too hard you’d see something like this image.

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Caroline Goldfarb at her home in Los Angeles. Photographed by Austin Hargrave.

"I mean...having a penis website cursor that jizzes sparkles is super on brand for me."
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If you built an app what would it do?

It would help me immediately absorb and understand complicated articles in The Economist.

What's the weirdest thing you've ever encountered on the Internet?

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh that’s a very hard maybe even impossible question? Right now my mind is going to one of my all-time favorite videos.

What are your favorite social media accounts?

Here are my Fave Rihanna-themed accounts: @rihchat (her Snaps put on Insta), @hausofrihanna (breaks down her fashion), @rihplies (screenshots her amazing instagram replies).

Your online store has a penis shooting "sparkles" as its cursor. Where did you get such a genius idea?

I mean...having a penis website cursor that jizzes sparkles is super on brand for me. At this point it’s like breathing, eating, and sleeping—it’s one of the most essential parts of my being.

Where do you go online to laugh?

Anthony Hopkins’s Instagram.

What is the first thing you check on your phone in the morning?

I peep my Insta DMs to see if my homies sent me any dank-ass memes!!

What is your most ingenious digital lifehack?

The app Pocket lets you download articles that you’re too lazy to read so you can read them on your phone later. Except I basically never end up reading them. But it’s still a very good app!

What e-comm items are you circling right now?

I have an eBay alert set up for vintage 501/505 Levis! I’m also very obsessed with AliExpress—it’s like Amazon in China. I spend hours obsessively finding trendy things on it! I’ve gotten sick camo pants, amazing on-trend sunglasses and furry sandals. All my friends make fun of me for using it but whatever.

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Tell us about your podcast? What episode should everyone download?

"This Week Had Me Like" is all about bizarre celebrity gossip. We cover things like weird celebrity endorsements (Alyssa Milano for Viva Paper Towels? Nicole Richie for Microsoft Word?), weird celebrity products (Bon Jovi’s line of pasta sauce?), and other weird, funny, pop culture news from the week. Listen to [episode 16] “Khloe V. Khloe”! We are making the podcast into a talk show for Super Deluxe so keep your eyes peeled for that!!!!!

What other podcasts do you like?

I listen to Howard Stern obsessively. Without technically being a podcast it’s still the best podcast in the world so…

Anything else we should know about?

Right now, I’m on the writing staff for a show called “Alone Together” so make sure to watch it next year when it comes out on Freeform!

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