Lesley Arfin

Lesley Arfin is the creator of the show "Love" on Netflix. She also wrote the book Dear Diary and is an avid Pinterest-er.

As the creator of a show about intimacy, do you think its becoming more difficult to make/maintain meaningful connections in the digital age?

I’m sure modern technology has helped people make more connections with others, but we have a bigger population now. There’s no way to gauge how much more meaningful these connections are compared to “the time before.” I think the more we are able to communicate and talk to others, the definition of relationships in general has to take on a new meaning.

Did people have more meaningful relationships before the telephone was invented? I doubt it, and also, who cares? The question itself doesn’t really change what we mean when we talk about “the meaning behind human connection” or the importance we put on such things in the first place. This answer makes me sound like an asshole but I honestly have no idea.

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Lesley Arfin at her home in Los Angeles. Photographed by Austin Hargrave.

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What are your thoughts on dating apps?

During the early days of this I went on some dates via a site called Nerve.com—I’m pretty sure it was only in NYC. I have some fun stories from that, but otherwise I haven’t looked online for love or via apps. I’m certainly not against it, and if I were single now I’m sure I’d be all over them. Tinder, etc. were invented after I got involved with someone. I know some amazing couples who met through dating apps; couples who are happily married and have kids and homes and the whole deal.

On to the fluffy stuff. What music are you streaming these days?

I really like the Apple Music playlists. Yesterday I listened to Neil Young Essentials. The day before that it was Eminem Essentials.

Who are your favorite Instagram-ers?

This dude USundergroundonline just posted a link to some sweet-ass tunes that I love. Happy Menocal, Press Book Club, Shiny Unicorn, New York City Ballet and, of course, Paul Rust.

What about podcasts?

I just finished "S-Town." It was okay. I really enjoy the "Lore" podcast but the episodes are too short. I always enjoy "Fresh Air" and "Radiolab" but mostly I either listen to an Audible book or Howard Stern.

What’s on your e-comm wish list right now?

Wallpaper from House of Hackney and Liberty of London.

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"I’m pretty sure people should be worried about Amazon.com taking over the world. Their employees need to unionize ASAP."

Last but not least, as a former magazine writer, what are your thoughts about the so-called death of print?

Maybe I’m in denial, but I don’t really think print is going anywhere—or at least I don’t fear it happening anytime soon? I don’t know, I walk by magazine stands and there are hundreds of publications. I’ve never been the only one inside a bookstore either. If anything I think the decline of mall culture is what people should really fear. Books and magazines don’t take up landmass, but malls do. And land is a lot more valuable then paper. I’m pretty sure people should be worried about Amazon.com taking over the world. Their employees need to unionize ASAP.

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