Emma Stevenson

New Yorker Emma Stevenson is the co-founder of [reads], a monthly subscription box of books centered around a theme (April is "Privacy") and accompanied by related literary events around the city. We asked Stevenson to give us a bibliophilic tour of the internet and, boy, did she deliver—from a German archive of obscure tomes to a newsletter that's as delightful to read as the books it recommends. See all her selections, below.

Molly Young's "Read Like The Wind" Newsletter

"It’s the perfect monthly digest of books other than [reads] of course. I love it because Molly, a writer herself, includes a RIYL (read if you like) section for each book where she lists a bunch of obscure and bizarre things like salted licorice ('Switch Bitch') and disaster preparedness ('Severance'). She links every recommendation to supporting local bookstores because screw Amazon. The September 2018 newsletter on "zombies, stalkers and fine wines" is my favorite so far."


"Our friend Dev Aujla has a space in Dumbo filled with books. He calls it Sorted Library and he invites people to come and build their own small collections. His only requirement is that you fill out a library card that explains the logic behind your selections, which he then posts on Instagram along with your snapshot."

Archive Books

"A huge part of [reads] is research, which takes more time than I have hours in the day. This website from Berlin-based library/bookshop Archive Kabinett is my go-to for finding strange, obscure titles to fit our themes each month. Also I love Berlin."

Sally Rooney Reads "Color and Light"

"I finished Sally Rooney’s novel 'Normal People' in approximately three hours and it ruined me, I haven’t been moved by a book in such a deep way since. (I’ve heard that I am not unique in feeling like this.) I loved listening to Rooney read her most recent New Yorker short story."

Durga Chew Bose's Tumblr Account

"Durga Chew Bose is one of my favorite writers of all time, mostly for coining the term 'nook people.' Her Tumblr account is my nook. I love Tumblr in general because it’s a little less crazy than Instagram and it shows the things on the internet we treasure."


"This Instagram account is run by our smart and dedicated book-lover friend Matt Giordano. He’s been cataloguing every book in his collection and posting them. I always feel proud if I find a book that Matt hasn’t heard of, which never happens!"

[reads] Newsletter

"Obviously one of my favorite things we work on, our newsletter is a monthly digest of things to see, do, read and listen to. We try to include things online and offline that are inspired by reading. Each month, we unpack our theme and give subscribers ways to enjoy each of the books we’ve picked!"

Future Library

"I think the design of this website is so thoughtful. 'Future Library' is a collaborative project by Scottish artist Katie Paterson, who invited writers from all over the world to contribute pieces that will remain unpublished for 100 years. At that time, one thousand trees (planted specially in a forest outside of Oslo, Norway) will be used to make their pages. You can explore interviews with contributing writers like Margaret Atwood on the site."