Molly Lambert

Molly Lambert is one of those writers you read no matter the subject. Whether it's a history of "Bojack Horseman" or Jenny Slate's quest for romance, if Molly's name is in the byline, you know it's going to be good. She's also the creator of two popular podcasts. "Night Call," which she co-hosts with friends Emily Yoshida and Tess Lynch, is a heady blend of pop culture musings, internet ephemera and conspiracy theories. "Molly's Sleazy Friends" features free-wheeling conversations with creative pals (including Caret alums Carson Mell and Naomi Fry). Below, Molly shares a few of her favorite (digital) things.

"RA Exchange" Episode with Suzanne Ciani

"I don’t listen to a ton of podcasts even though I make two but I loved this 'RA Exchange' episode with Suzanne Ciani, the electronic music pioneer who sound designed the famous Coca Cola bubbles and bottle top opening sound effect for a seventies ad. Ciani is an avant-garde legend, New Age pianist, and all around genius and it was super interesting to listen to her talk about her work and the culture of early synths."

@MyuMyuLoveMyu on Twitter

"A bunch of cats live at Momo Cafe in the town of Atsuma in Hokkaido, Japan. This Twitter account has pictures and video of the cats roaming the beautiful forested landscape outside including a stream with a bridge while the seasons change. Sometimes there’s a very cute long haired squirrel involved. It’s the most wholesome content and always makes me feel so chill."

Watching Grass Grow
Got nothing else better to do?
watching grass grow

"Watching Grass Grow" Cam

"Exactly like it sounds! So good."

The "Nowhere Fast" Newsletter

"Writer and artist (and full disclosure my friend) Meaghan Garvey curates a collection of images and sometimes text as weird meditations on whatever theme is currently obsessing her."

The Earth Cam Network

"This janky network of live cams is both a reminder that if you’re in a major public place you’re probably on camera, as well as a fun portal to watch people oblivious to the fact that they’re on camera. I’m partial to the Times Square cams for nonstop action but there are also contemplative empty places to watch, including my personal fave, off-season beaches at night."