Rebecca Zhou and David McGillivray are the husband-and-wife duo behind Offhours, the new "inactive wear" label that wants to help you live your best night-in life. To that end, they've created a unisex housecoat that mimics the look and feel of the coziest of cotton comforters. (It's like a Slanket, but chicer.) To celebrate their launch, the Caret asked Zhou and McGillivray to recommend some digital pursuits that pair well with their new creation. Read on, below.

FIP (France Inter Paris) Radio

"This is the only radio station you can leave on all day and not get tired of the programming; the music selection is eclectic and expansive to say the least. No commercials, and the presenters rarely interrupt, and when they do, they have the most velvety voices you’ve ever heard. Everything about FIP is incredibly comforting, even the traffic updates."

"Now, we admit this one sounds weird at first, but trust us. mixes ambient music with police scanner radio, air-traffic control, spoken word and a bunch of other audio types that you can choose yourself. The result is far more satisfying than you might imagine. It even has its own radio show if you want a more curated version."

Bear Cam

"Aside from actual therapy, we’re not sure there’s anything more therapeutic than watching this bear cam. The livestream of a brown bear catching salmon in a river or corralling its cubs into formation is mesmerizing."

A Moment's Rest

"This calming account injects some relaxing gifs into your Twitter stream. The images are all chosen with the intention that you can lose yourself in them for just a moment or two, transporting yourself to that scene."

Drawful 2

"We just played this game with a group of friends, and we played it all night. You connect using your phone to a central console (Apple TV, PS4, MacBook, etc.) and get challenged to draw (often bizarre) things and everyone has guess what they are. It’s kind of like Pictionary, but weirder and better. Just add friends and take-out for the perfect night in."

Sleep With Me

"This one’s actually genius. It’s a podcast series which essentially recounts various episodes of TV, (bedtime stories) but in a especially slooooow, dulcet, meandering manner, especially designed to send you off to sleep."

Cool Burritos

"This one’s for when you need some light comedic relief to help unwind. It’s for all intents and purposes a regular guy's instagram account, but it’s punctuated with a series of videos, where he adds his own voiceovers to lunch-breakers in the financial district. And every single one has us in hysterics. Look for #fiancevest."


"The Wilson app calls itself a ‘podcast magazine’ which basically means you get a new playlist of themed podcasts updated every week. It’s a great app when you just want to listen to something good without scouring the podcast channels."