An Anti-Aging Gizmo That Lives Up to the Hype

(At least according to beauty writer Christine Lennon.)

The #NotAnAd Chronicles

In our #NotAnAd series, smart people sound off on the smart devices that have changed their lives. No legal tender, free swag or other forms of currency have been exchanged for these ringing endorsements.

I have a complicated relationship with gravity. While I am grateful for its eternal pull, and the contentment that comes with knowing that I won’t float away into the multiverse, as I age, it does a number on the fleshy parts of my face. I spend a decent amount of personal care time toiling against its effects. True story: No matter what the bottle says, there is no cream that really "lifts" in a meaningful way.

"A few sweeps of this mouse-like machine make me look fresher."

That’s where the ZIIP device comes in. The hand-held micro- and nano-current emitting device gently shocks the muscles around my jawline, cheekbones and forehead into action, subtly sculpting and erasing a couple of years. When used religiously, a few sweeps of this mouse-like machine (programmed via app to perform various duties, from killing acne-causing bacteria to smoothing fine lines) make me look fresher. It’s like better posture, but for your face. - Christine Lennon

Christine Lennon is an LA-based writer whose work has appeared in The Wall Street Journal, Harper's Bazaar and Elle Decor. Her debut novel, The Drifter, came out in 2017.