Keep Calm & Log On

Onlines tools and resources to help self-soothe.

By The Caret

In the days and weeks ahead, we'll be relying on the web more than ever. For many, it will be a primary source of information, entertainment and connection. For some, particularly those in insolation or living alone, it will be a lifeline, a vital portal to the outside world.

Of course, not all content is created equal. At The Caret, we aim to help you enrich your screen time by offering up the very best of the digital world. Thus, in the coming weeks, we'll be rolling out a series of guides designed to both alleviate and distract from these stressful times. First up: where to find serenity online.



“I’ve been loving this app. It’s a meditative (albeit, somewhat active) practice and you can it feel working almost immediately. It's been deeply helpful for releasing physical and emotional tension and with everything that's going on right now, it's an accessible way to nourish your parasympathetic system. “ – Erica Chidi Cohen, founder of Loom

Making Sense

"Making Sense" Podcast

"[Host] Sam Harris is a neuroscientist, philosopher and best-selling author. He has a way of questioning things and making sense of our world that feels trustworthy and calming. He also has a meditation app called 'Waking Up.' I highly recommend meditation during this time of heightened anxiety."- Roanne Adams, chief creative director & founder of RoAndCo and Romance Journal


Insight Timer

“For helping set myself into a state of trance I've been using the Insight Timer app. The 'Yoga Nidra for Deeper Sleep' by John Siddique has put me to sleep and back again several times now.” – Eliza Wexelman, co-founder of Girls at Library



"I love the free guided meditations (available in English and Spanish) on UCLA's MARC Center website. They also have an app you can download." - Liz Goldwyn, founder of The Sex Ed


"Sleep With Me" Podcast

"This one’s actually genius. It’s a podcast series which essentially recounts various episodes of TV, (bedtime stories) but in an especially slooooow, dulcet, meandering manner, especially designed to send you off to sleep." - Rebecca Zhou and David McGillivray, co-founders of Offhours



"Dubbed 'the most relaxing song in the world,' this ambient composition was produced by Marconi Union in collaboration with the British Academy of Sound Therapy. It's designed to lower the heart rate and reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol. I rely on it whenever I need to take the edge off." - Evelyn Crowley, founder of The Caret

If you or someone you know has acute anxiety, contact the National Alliance On Mental Illness by texting "nami" to 741741.