Digitally Cultured


Suzanne Ciani

The "Diva of the Diode" reflects on life, music and falling in love with a machine.

List: Vanessa Grigoriadis

A podcast playlist from the creator of "The Making of Ivanka Trump."

List: Mandy Harris Williams

The internet favorites of Instagram's @idealblackfemale.

A Contoured Keyboard For Digital Wellness

List: Julianna Barwick

The LA musician on her favorite guilty YouTube pleasure, an IG account that cracks her up and more.

List: Chris Black

The Done to Death founder and internet critic-at-large shares his favorite online finds.

It's Shockingly Easy to Change Your Own Computer Battery

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List: Jenny Odell

How the author of "How to Do Nothing: Resisting the Attention Economy" surfs the web.

List: Ross Goodwin

The Google Creative Technologist shares his cabinet of internet curiosities.

List: Emma Stevenson

A book lover's guide to the Internet courtesy of [reads] co-founder Emma Stevenson.

The Gadget That Makes A Journalist Better At Her Job

Samy Kamkar

The famous "grey hat" hacker on computer-jumping viruses, government cyber warfare and a fun little hack you can try at home.

List: Julia Sherman

The Salad for President founder on her favorite exotic fruit IG account, online seed emporium and more.

Where To Find Good Sex On The Internet

Creative strategist Maritza Lerman Yoes takes us on an online sex safari.

In Praise of Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Claire Evans

The "Broad Band" author and YACHT singer on how the internet would look if women had designed it.

List: Charles Broskoski

The co-founder on the website he loves (but has no idea what is for) and more.

List: Molly Lambert

The writer/podcaster on her favorite feline Twitter account and a site where you (literally) watch grass grow.

List: Carson Mell

The "Silicon Valley" writer's favorite online destinations include a paranormal podcast and home movies from an Old West woodworker.

List: Offhours

The inactive wear designers recommend the coziest corners of the internet.

Naomi Fry

The New Yorker writer and social media favorite talks fame and self-representation in the Internet era, her abiding love for "self-consciously slutty Instagram It girls" and much more.

Kevin Kelly

Renowned tech guru and Wired co-founder Kevin Kelly built his career on a knack for knowing what’s next. The Caret caught up with him to talk about—what else—the future.

List: Kate Sennert

The @newagecocaine creator makes a strong case for Facebook Marketplace.

List: Laurie Trott

The fashion stylist's guide to the best online brands.

Ze Frank

A candid interview with the internet pioneer and Buzzfeed honcho on the future of media.

List: Shane O'Neill

The "Internetting" producer's 10 favorite YouTube clips.

List: Trevor McFedries

The Lil' Miquela creator on the experience economy, his favorite (human) IG account and more.

List: Laura McLaws Helms

IG retro queen @laurakitty on the best web astrologist, an herbalist's newsletter and more.

Karley Sciortino

Karley Sciortino, aka Slutever, on sex and dating in the digital age.

List: Botanica

The duo behind the popular Silver Lake restaurant on their favorite food newsletter, British podcast obsession and more.

List: Rachael Yaeger

The [reads] co-founder's current digital obsessions include a daily gratitude app and the Airbnb of upstate NY cabins.

Quinta Brunson

The online video superstar on the secret to virality, internet celebrity and going Hollywood.

Kate Darling

The Robot Ethicist on machine empathy, her cyborg "pets" and the limits (if any) of artificial intelligence.

Kris Yenbamroong

NIGHT+MARKET chef, Kris Yenbamroong, shares his favorite online finds including an Instagram cooking tutorial for sea cucumbers, Tom Ford espadrilles and his go-to Postmates order.

Laure Joliet

LA-based interiors photographer Laure Joliet is known for a serene, sun-drenched style that can transform even the humblest abode. Below, she divulges her social media styling tips, real estate porn "type" and ambivalent thoughts on visual culture.

Torsten Bergler

An interview with Torsten Bergler, who co-founded the lifestyle website, Freunde von Freunden, and oversees the creative agency MoreSleep and design resources site Design Made In Germany.

Caroline Goldfarb

In addition to her budding career as a comedy writer, Caroline Goldfarb is a digital jack-of-all-trades.

Karina Longworth

Karina Longworth is a film historian, writer and podcaster in LA.

Virginia Heffernan

If The Caret had a patron saint, it would be writer Virginia Heffernan. She brought the internet to the culture section, blending intellectual rigor and pop fluency in her NYT Magazine column, "The Medium” and later a book, "Magic and Loss.”

Richard Kern

Photographer/filmmaker Richard Kern got his start documenting the gritty debauchery of the 1980s East Village. Today, his photographs of nubile, undressed girls have found a new audience thanks to Instagram.

Roanne Adams

An award-winning designer with a sixth sense for branding, Roanne Adams is the founder of the NYC creative studio RoAndCo and recently launched her own magazine, Romance Journal. Here, she talks about her industry, favorite meditation app and more.

Jonny Sun

The creator of beloved Twitter alien, "Jomny Sun" (@jonnysun), Jonny Sun is every bit as funny and charming as his extraterrestrial alter ego. The Caret caught up with Sun, on tour for his new book "Everyone's a Aliebn When Ur a Alienb Too", to chat.

Lesley Arfin

Lesley Arfin is the creator of the show "Love" on Netflix. She also wrote the book Dear Diary and is an avid Pinterest-er.

Elan Lee

A pioneer of ARG and former Xbox designer, Elan Lee is a legend in the video game industry. He's also a Kickstarter maestro, having orchestrated the most successful campaign in history for his card game, Exploding Kittens.

Tracy McMillan

Tracy McMillan is a relationship expert, author and TV writer whose credits include "Mad Men" and the book, “Why You’re Not Married…Yet." She’s currently writing a book based on her viral TEDx talk, "The Person You Really Need to Marry."

Allan Yu

Allan Yu is a New York digital designer who's worked on everything from scrappy e-comm startups (Svpply) to tech giant moonshots (Google X).

Ann Friedman

Ann Friedman is a journalist who contributes regularly to New York Magazine, The Los Angeles Times, and The Gentlewoman. She's also the co-host of the podcast "Call Your Girlfriend" and author of a popular weekly email newsletter.

Marc Kremers

Marc Kremers is the Creative Director and founder of Future Corp, a London digital creative agency that’s created sites for The xx, Cindy Sherman and Mario Testino. He’s developing a video platform, for streaming video channels. 

Jade Chang

Jade Chang is a writer to watch. Her debut novel, "The Wangs vs. the World," is a New York Times Editors' Choice and was named one of the best books of 2016 by Buzzfeed, NPR, Elle and Amazon (to name a few).

Molly Young

Molly Young is a writer for The New York Times and the former creative lead for Warby Parker

Vint Cerf

One of the "fathers of the internet," Vint Cerf was instrumental in the development of TCP/IP technology as well as the first commercial email system.