Chris Black

To get a pop culture reference past Chris Black carries with it all the glory of scoring a match point against Roger Federer. On his popular Twitter account, @donetodeathprojects, the NYC writer/co-founder of creative agency Public Announcement offers near round-the-clock musings on the zeitgeist—often snarky, always amusing. This, together with his very good taste, has brands like Stussy and Thom Browne lining up for his services. Perhaps New York Magazine put it best when they recently christened him their resident “Cool Guy” columnist. Below, Chris’s favorite internet destinations…at least for today.

See-Saw Gallery Guide

"An excellent resource for visiting art galleries. I can’t believe this didn’t exist until now."


"User generated gossip content on Live Journal. A Web 1.0 relic that still works wonderfully in our modern age. I have been reading this site for years and it never disappoints."

Rachel Tashjian

"Rachel writes about fashion and culture like no one else. The words literally jump off the page! Follow her every word, you will learn and laugh. The only combo that matters."

Gin Blossoms - “Allison Road” (Live at Farm Aid 1994)

"One of my favorite bands playing their best song to support family farms. Exactly why YouTube exists. You will not find this on Spotify."

"This Instagram is an amazing resource for technical gear with a mix of new and old Arc’teryx, Nike, The North Face, Undercover, etc. I wouldn’t go camping for a million bucks, but I want all the gear it requires. This guy knows his shit, smash the follow and go down the rabbit hole."


"Shazam is the most important app on my iPhone. I cannot stand hearing a song I like and not knowing who made it. When I think they are playing Quicksand in Whole Foods, I must be sure. Sometimes you embarrass yourself, which is a fun little surprise."

Corrine Day

"A wildly influential photographer that left us too soon. This website has a nice collection of her archive. The editorial work is especially strong."

Thank You Atoosa

"A time warp of old teen magazines. Clippings from Teen Vogue, Seventeen, ElleGirl are a treasure trove of 90s celebs and fashion. Mark Ronson and his then girlfriend Rashida Jones in the recording studio, a babyfaced Conor Oberst with sweeping emo hair, and an entire page dedicated to Kate Moss’s sneakers. What’s not to love?"