Terry Nguyen

Terry Nguyen describes herself as a “lurker.” But, to be fair, it's part of her job. A reporter for The Goods at Vox, she canvases the internet for budding consumer trends and behaviors. And in her own popular newsletter, Gen Yeet, she dives deep into Gen Z culture, with missives about everything from the creator economy’s financialization of the self to invite-only newsletters and radical content. For The Caret, Nguyen kept things a bit more surface-level, with online recommendations that include an extremely cute IG cat, a subreddit for people who are "tripping balls," and more.


"A subreddit that exists at the intersection of wholesome shitpost and comedic genius. I guess I never realized the hilarious potential of the human brain on psychedelics. POV: You're tripping balls and you decide to.. snap a photo of your cat? Or your hand? And post it on the internet? Sign me the fuck up! TW: Some not-very-good psychedelic art and the occasional 'I'm freaking out' post comes with the territory."

Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir's routine at the 2018 Olympics

"File this video under: 'things I think about a lot because no one I interact with on a daily basis gets how important it is.' This is the greatest, most passionate ice dance routine in the history of the sport, and I will die on that hill. Yes, Tessa and Scott won the gold, or else I would've RIOTED. This video has been watched over 13 million times, which means I'm not the only loser playing it again and again, but I might also be responsible for at least 5 million views?"


"I would die for this little Korean kitty. Look at him!!!! I'm generally skeptical of Insta-famous pets, especially if it's, like, a corgi or something that's bred to be irresistibly cute. But have you ever seen a cat like this??? No, you have not. He's a British shorthair with lilac colorpoint, a breed that's cute by design, but hear me out! After spending [redacted] hours staring at Mr. Brown Sugar (yes, that's his name), I can assure you that this kitty has a certain je ne sais quoi that simply cannot be bred!"

Jhené Aiko - Chilombo Medley (Live Performance)

"Hippie RnB goddess Jhené Aiko can step on me with her sound bowls and I would thank her! Jhené's voice is so cosmically powerful, pure, and soothing, and her 'Trigger Protection Mantra' (beginning at 1:25) is, I kid you not, what I want my child to hear when he/she/they come out of the womb."


"I wish I had this site in college. No one snitch please. That is all!"


"Friendship ended with Instagram, now Pinterest is my best friend. I get such a serotonin bump from 'pinning' things. A healthy no-bake brownie recipe? Pin! Peter Do SS 2022 collection? Pin! 30-second video of an ab workout that I'll never do? Pin!"