List: Emily Segal

The brand strategist and artist on online poetry workshops, a "transcendentally slutty" e-comm site and more.

List: Camden Hauge

The Shanghai food maven on where to buy fireflies online, the best travel site no one knows about and more.

List: Liana Finck

The cartoonist beloved by Instagram and The New Yorker alike shares her favorite podcasts, IG accounts and more.

List: Samuel Valenti IV

The Ghostly founder on his favorite playlists, YouTube docs and more.

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List: Jess Rona

The Insta famous dog groomer gives good internet.

List: Vanessa Grigoriadis

A podcast playlist from the creator of "The Making of Ivanka Trump."

List: Julianna Barwick

The LA musician on her favorite guilty YouTube pleasure, an IG account that cracks her up and more.

List: Chris Black

The Done to Death founder and internet critic-at-large shares his favorite online finds.

List: Jenny Odell

How the author of "How to Do Nothing: Resisting the Attention Economy" surfs the web.

List: Ross Goodwin

The Google Creative Technologist shares his cabinet of internet curiosities.

List: Emma Stevenson

A book lover's guide to the Internet courtesy of [reads] co-founder Emma Stevenson.

List: Julia Sherman

The Salad for President founder on her favorite exotic fruit IG account, online seed emporium and more.

Where To Find Good Sex On The Internet

Creative strategist Maritza Lerman Yoes takes us on an online sex safari.

List: Charles Broskoski

The co-founder on the website he loves (but has no idea what is for) and more.

List: Molly Lambert

The writer/podcaster on her favorite feline Twitter account and a site where you (literally) watch grass grow.

List: Carson Mell

The "Silicon Valley" writer's favorite online destinations include a paranormal podcast and home movies from an Old West woodworker.

List: Offhours

The inactive wear designers recommend the coziest corners of the internet.

List: Kate Sennert

The @newagecocaine creator makes a strong case for Facebook Marketplace.

List: Laurie Trott

The fashion stylist's guide to the best online brands.

List: Shane O'Neill

The "Internetting" producer's 10 favorite YouTube clips.

List: Trevor McFedries

The Lil' Miquela creator on the experience economy, his favorite (human) IG account and more.

List: Laura McLaws Helms

IG retro queen @laurakitty on the best web astrologist, an herbalist's newsletter and more.

List: Botanica

The duo behind the popular Silver Lake restaurant on their favorite food newsletter, British podcast obsession and more.

List: Rachael Yaeger

The [reads] co-founder's current digital obsessions include a daily gratitude app and the Airbnb of upstate NY cabins.