Danny Báez

Traditionally, one would call Danny Báez a curator; but he identifies as a “friend of the artist.” Odds are that he knows any emerging artist you’ve been following on Instagram. In fact, by the time you’ve discovered them, they’ve probably already been featured at Báez’s communal gallery space in NYC, REGULARNORMAL. With an eye for talent and a kind approach, Báez is constantly building accessible ways for people to get involved with art. Alongside his gallery, he is also the co-founder of ARTNOIR and MECA Art Fair(apparently he has a thing for capital letters). Below he talks about his online sneaker obsession, favorite IG accounts and more.


“I get to learn more about my homeland Quisqueya, also known as Dominican Republic, via my long time friend (and maybe distant cousin) Felix Báez. He shares his information in a uniquely fun, in-depth, and loving way. Honestly, his feed makes me feel privileged to have been born on that gorgeous island.”

SNS Radio

“I love SNS. Their radio is great, and they care about their community. Plus, they have a bar in the basement of their NYC store.”


“I can’t pass up scrolling for sneakers. StockX has sneaker models from 2014 like Ronnie Fieg’s “Grand Opening” collection — one of the best to be witnessed by the game.”


“All things 80’s and 90’s well curated. It’s iconic.”


“This isn’t under the radar or anything, but I have to include HYPEBEAST. I consider it one of the greatest websites ever started.”


“ARTNOIR started as a group of friends going on field trips, to museums, to galleries together—mostly Black and brown people in New York. It’s the point of reference for when you want and need to connect and learn about what’s good in our artistic communities, and the people pushing them forward. What more can I say?”