Maya Man

Maya Man is an artist, computer programmer, and dancer based in New York. An alum of the prestigious Fiver program at the Google Creative Lab (where she made this piece with legendary choreographer Bill T. Jones), her work has a signature exuberance and kinetic playfulness. On her personal website, she describes her relationship with the internet as “love/hate” but “mostly love”...which, same. Below, Maya’s favorite digital pit stops, from a directory of handmade websites to a New York Times Twitter bot.

Pop Songs about Computers/the Internet

"I'm really curious about the relationship between pop culture, the Internet, and music right now, so I love looking and listening through this list."


"This bot tweets words when they appear in the New York Times for the first time. Each tweet reveals so much about the current language and energy of today. It's also a really cool project technically, Max Bittker goes more in depth on it here."

Preparation Y

"This website by artist Michelle Ellsworth is 'committed to preparing for the eventual evolution or obsolescence of the Y Chromosome.' I'm deeply inspired (and humored) by the way that Ellsworth weaves choreography, cultural commentary, and the Internet into her work. Recommend just taking some time clicking around this one."

Gossip's Web

"A directory of 'handmade webpages' run by Elliot Cost. Browsing the collection of featured websites always reminds me why I love small scale work made for the web. The sites offer a nice antidote to the many websites we see today that are made with website builders or complex frameworks that all end up looking and feeling the same."

Olia Lialina's "Summer"

"Pioneering net artist Olia Lialina refers to this 2013 piece as 'the most fragile GIF on the WWW.' You can start viewing the work by clicking on any of the links listed on that page. Each frame of the gif is hosted on one of the listed sites. I love how this simple concept highlights both the powerful and delicate nature of our networked world."

'Main Character Energy'

"I'm very into everything Real Life puts out, but especially love their pieces on identity and social media. This is one of my favorites from this year."


"A gorgeous zine-archiving project by Neta Bomani where a zine or experiment was posted every day for 100 days. I loved following this project and seeing zines take the form of earrings, tea bags, circuits, and more. I was constantly surprised and in awe."


I just be like “ah okay yeah” #fypシ ig : @jessvalortiz

♬ Kiss Me More (feat. SZA) - Doja Cat


"This girl has been doing this whole series of these to this song and they really make me laugh."