Leigh Patterson

Leigh Patterson is the founder of Moon Lists, a series of journals, prompts, and tools (plus a lovely Instagram) designed to encourage those quiet moments of self-reflection that can all too easily get drowned out in today’s digital noise. Patterson, who is based in LA, brings a similarly serene sensibility to her day job as a creative/editorial director, working with immaculately tasteful brands like J.Hannah and Gjelina. Below, she shares her favorite workday playlists, a recent Etsy score, and a spam email that made her laugh.

Low End Theorists

"While writing, I cannot listen to music with words or I’ll start subconsciously writing the lyrics in whatever I’m working on. I’ve discovered some good workday playlists through Low End Theorists, whose offerings are admittedly a bit eye roll-y in theory (Japanese New Age lol); sometimes it’s nice to just let someone else with good taste put on the record so you can zone out."


"The perfect gift is something pocket-sized and innocuous enough to live permanently on a coffee table… but just interesting and compelling enough to warrant your friends asking about it. Everything in Casa Shop’s 'Rare' curation fits the bill; I want one of their hand-carved, stone Rubik’s cubes."

Ebay + Etsy Book Assortments

"My whole job is basically just coming up with ideas for other people; one 'tip' for when it seems like everything is the same on the entire Internet…Ebay and Etsy’s book selections. Buy a stack of whatever feels appropriately odd, don’t second guess anything, and see where it leads you."

"Internet Cafe"

"My friend Megan’s categorical title for a late Sunday afternoon activity when you come over to one of the other’s homes, sit toe-to-toe on opposite sides of the couch with laptops, get slightly stoned, and share recent best-of Internet wormholes. Bonus points if you remember the HDMI cable to appropriately present your findings."


"You can never have too many pairs of glasses - sunglasses, eyeglasses, et al. My life is a constant search for the one and the best place in LA to discover said pairs is hands down Gagosha. Fortunately their Instagram is also a treasure trove of inspiration for tracking down specific styles you never knew you needed."

This spam email

"My phone/email has been fully overtaken by spam in the last few years - at this point I get between 10-15 spam calls a day and multiple texts. Always checking in on me. Some of them really 'break through the noise' — everyone else, do better!!!"