Rachel Tashjian

Brooklyn-based style writer Rachel Tashjian’s voice stands out, even in a crowded place like the internet. It’s smart, funny and idiosyncratic, with an allegiance to the kitsch and absurd. A media multi-hyphenate, she has a byline in a GQ, a podcast, an invite-only newsletter, and popular Twitter and IG accounts. We highly recommend them all — except the newsletter since we're still waiting for our invite. But it's coming [laughs nervously], it's coming...

Below, Rachel does a web deep dive and returns with some buried treasures.


"Alissa Bennett is frequently described as the coolest woman in New York, and no one who has ever said this is wrong. I’m a particular fan of her zines, but she also recently started an Instagram account to catalogue her favorite celebrity auction finds and I must say I check it habitually."

Louvre Collection

"Did u guys know the Louvre collection is online now? I just searched 'rose' and found this dope Corot."

Medea Music Series

"I have gotten totally back into listening to albums this year or however long this has all been going on. I just sit on the floor and look at an old Vogue and listen to Marquee Moon or Elevation, like I’m just a really relaxed wealthy woman in 1993. And the other thing are these mixes by the Medea Sisters, who make the coolest handbags available on this planet as well as the other important planets. I love turning myself over to someone else’s vision. (Curate for me, mommy!) And these are like little love notes from Willo Perron or Stefano Pilati or Laura and Deanna who design Kiko Kostadinov womenswear, one of the few important contemporary fashion touchstones in my groovy blonde personal life."

Delux Vintage

"Almost all my clothes are vintage. The ones that aren’t vintage are upcycled. The ones that aren’t upcycled are Martine Rose. Anyways: Etsy is my favorite source for used clothes, and this is a great store. Perfect mix of designer goods and freaky no-name pieces."

Zelda (turkey)

"Know your birds, chickadees!"