Camden Hauge

When New Jersey native Camden Hauge moved to Shanghai in 2012 for an advertising job, she was promptly seduced by the city's vibrant food much so that she quit the corporate gig the following year to launch Shanghai Supperclub, a renegade dinner series where guests dine on multi-course fare by top chefs in unlikely venues like skate parks and museums. Today, Hauge operates a culinary empire that includes the supperclub, the events agency SOCIAL SUPPLY and four restaurants: Egg (all day breakfast), Bird (natural wine and small plates), Bitter (cafe by day/cocktails at night), and KIN (homestyle Northern Thai food).

Below, the self-described "restauranteuse" took a break from her busy schedule to share her favorite online destinations.


"More than just 'the Amazon / eBay of China'. You can find anything - I cannot stress this enough - anything (live fireflies, Jackie Chan's nose-shaped soap dispenser, someone to pose as your significant other for family events / holidays) on Taobao."


"I have been an evangelist for this site (that seemingly no one has heard of despite its genius?) since I stumbled upon it—you can make your own guides to anywhere in the world to share with friends or browse others' guides. I have some up for Shanghai and other favorite spots around Southeast Asia to check out if your primary purpose of travel is also to eat / drink."


"Running a bunch of restaurants + other projects can get overwhelming at times— these slick yet empowering collages get my mentality back on track without cringeworthy 'Live, Laugh, Love' cheese."

Food Timeline

"Just super nerdy + cool."

Wong Ping

"A curator friend of mine turned me on to this Hong Kong-based artist—I love his 'Fables' series, short films which combine his signature trippy animations with modern versions of traditional Chinese folk tales. On the surface they're hilarious but also contain insanely smart social commentary on topics like repressed sexuality, immigration, and political limitations (caution: NSFW)."


"The best site for checking out weird new Chinese-viral videos like this one."


"Their Insta content of weird food art makes me smile."


"In a restaurant, music is the (literal) unsung hero in setting the right vibe for our guests' dining experience. This sweet app is the easiest way to explore quirky music from around the world whether Japanese disco for Bird or psychedelic 60s-70s shadow music for KIN."