Liana Finck

Brooklyn-based cartoonist Liana Finck is known for sparse, scratchy sketches whose introspective and culturally-attuned observations belie their minimalist packaging. A regular contributor to The New Yorker, where she pens an illustrated monthly advice column called Dear Pepper, and the author of the 2018 graphic memoir "Passing for Human," Finck saves her most autobiographical work for her popular Instagram account, where she posts on topics like dating, sexism and the struggles of being an artist-for-hire. Her new book, "Excuse Me: Cartoons, Complaints and Notes to Self," which published this September, is a compilation of her favorite drawings from the last five years.

"Malfunctioning Sex Robot"

"I️ found this Patricia Lockwood article about John Updike last week and it made me laugh and grin so hard. She is intensely wonderful. And—it feels good to say this—he is not."

"Everything Is Alive"

"This podcast espouses my world view."

"Bow Down"

"I’ve followed/appreciated Jennifer Higgie’s Instagram account—now called @bowdownpodcast—for years. It features women artists who have been written out of history to various extents. She’s just started this podcast for Frieze. So far, so damn great."

The Cut "Sex Diaries"

"I love The Cut’s 'Sex Diaries.' It’s pretty much the only news I read (since I’m a drawing person and need my eyes/hands for busywork even when my brain can wander, I mostly get my articles/books on audio). What does that say about me? Not much. Sex is a part of life."


"Chameleonic book cover designer who sometimes makes shoes out of bread."


"Brightly colorful, smart and emotional comics artist."


"Full disclosure, Karen Snyder is my friend. I’ve been holding my breath watching these on-point monster cartoon strips come out of her after a lot of serious thought and toil. How do you make a three panel cartoon strip so funny, and so seemingly effortless? I️ still don’t know how she does it. The trick retains its magic."

Gabrielle Bell on Patreon

"The only other long-form online thing I️ regularly read with my eyes. Gabrielle Bell (full disclose: Karen’s neighbor, and my friend) is a diary comics artist who somehow knows how to put everything in life into perspective and make it funny without downplaying the awfulness and heartbreak of everything. Another magic trick. She’s been writing about romance/dating lately and it’s both rageful and poised."

"Tuca & Bertie"

"Wait does a TV show count? If so,'Tuca & Bertie' on Netflix. It says/shows so many things one knows and never thought concretely about being a woman and an animal. And it’s smart and beautiful."