Charles Broskoski

Charles Broskoski is the co-founder of, the sharing platform beloved by creative types. Part collaborative research tool, part social network, it enables users to collect and make meaning from all manner of visual ephemera. Browsing its channels, you're as likely to encounter a collage on feminist design as a user's post-apocalyptic vision. Based in New York, Broskoski was a software engineer before launching (he calls his personal account an "accurate depiction of his soul"). Check out his favorite online finds, below.

Damon Zucconi

"Damon is head of engineering at, I talk to him every day multiple times a day, and he’s still one of my favorite artists ever. He’s got the rare combination of an insane work ethic, a commitment to 'craft'(even though I dislike using that word in this context) and a persistent drive to investigate the ideas he cares about. It would be impossible to pick a single favorite work to highlight but the one I am feeling right now is Boring, Average, Interesting."

Isaac Asimov Asks, “How Do People Get New Ideas?”

"This is an essay from 1959 that I recently came across. Apparently Isaac Asimov was called in to be an outside consultant for the development of a ballistic missile defense system, but opted out because 'he did not want to have access to any secret classified information; it would limit his freedom of expression.' He produced this essay instead. It gets at a lot of the reasons why we work on"

Human Universals, Compiled by Donald E. Brown

"To be honest, I’ve never investigated much beyond this page. I have no idea what this list is for, but I do know that I regularly visit it."

The Creative Independent

"The Creative Independent calls itself 'a growing resource of emotional and practical guidance for creative people.' I’m a huge fan of the way they run their organization and the writing they produce is A+."

"What’s the Difference" by Sun An

"I’ve also been a fan of Sun’s for a long time. I don’t have much of a vocabulary for music, but his albums put me in the kind of mood I always want to be in."

Sunday Routines in The New York Times

"This one is kind of a guilty pleasure for me. Just different kinds of people describing what they do on Sundays. Sometimes they are incredibly annoying and sometimes they are very sweet. I collect my favorite ones (and invite others to contribute) on here."

our future novelty shop inventory

"I don’t know about you, but I enjoy laughing. This is maybe the funniest channel on"