Jess Rona

LA dog groomer Jess Rona is the Picasso of fur. She documents her four-legged masterpieces  on her heavily-trafficked Instagram. It’s the kind of place you can easily lose hours of your life, your brain awash in serotonin from the nonstop cuteness. Naturally, we’re fans. So it was only a matter of time before we convinced Jess to do a Caret list. Read on, below.

Shu and Tree

"I just stumbled upon this groomer on YouTube and spent hours watching her sweet grooming videos. I love her."

"Make That Sandwich"

"My friend Lindsay Ames recently created an interactive cooking show on Instagram called 'Make That Sandwich' which brings me joy! I even got to help make a sandwich once, and my husband and dog have also participated."

"Summer Shedding Season Is Here..."

"I love this video by Brittany Johnson. It went viral amongst us dog groomers. I shared it and then a few weeks later, Brittany emailed me asking if we could make a music video done completely with sounds of dog grooming. She came over and recorded sounds and video for a whole day, went home to Bellingham, and then created this amazing video which was the coolest collaboration I've ever done."

"You Are a Badass at Making Money"

"I listen to audiobooks and podcasts all day long while I groom dogs. I am so obsessed with Jen Sincero and love the way she takes traditional self-helpery and adds her own fun spin to it.

"In the Dark"

"The second season of this podcast is such impressive journalism. And even if you binge it, there are still loose ends they're tying up!"