Samuel Valenti IV

20 years ago Michigan-born and New York-based music fan and DJ Sam Valenti IV founded Ghostly International, an indie label that "embodies music of electronic methods and humanistic aims." Today, it's a world-renowned platform for experimental-pop and techno musicians as well as underground visual artists, designers, and technologists. A culture in itself, Ghostly hosts events around the globe and sells a coveted line of merch and design wares on its site. Below, Sam tells us what’s good on the internet right now. 


"I'm a bit of a collector and have found some great tapes, tees, and toys on here."

Ghostly Mixes

"As a team we share music we like, not just what we release, so I learn a lot from our own playlists on Apple Music and Spotify."


"I'm a big Inbox Zero head and this has allowed that to happen finally. Kill email before it kills you!"

"Andy Warhol: A Documentary Film"

"Don't know why but can always watch this. Laurie Anderson's voice plus the music and quotes charge me up."

DJ mixes from "Blowing Up The Workshop"

"A space for unconventional mixes, freeform and wild."