Addie Wagenknecht

Artist Addie Wagenknecht incorporates technology to cleverly indict it. Her works include a sinister robot arm that rocks a cradle, YouTube-style makeup tutorials that digress to cybersecurity tips and a painted silhouette of her body rendered entirely by a Roomba. Based between New York and Austria, Wagenknecht has shown at the Vienna, Moscow and Istanbul biennials as well as the Whitney Museum of American Art. She’s also the founder of Deep Lab, a cyberfeminist collective that plumbs issues around digital culture and the Internet. Most recently, she worked with photographer/artist Aiala Hernando on a limited edition series, Relationship Status, a portion of whose proceeds go to the nonprofits Women’s Aid and Direct Relief.

Spirited Pursuit

"I discovered Lee Litumbe's site when I was planning a solo trip to Mozambique and started to look into blogs about traveling overland. She was there about a week before I was planned to land so I started to follow her work and fell in love with her sense of style, her personality and how she finds travel experiences off-the-beaten track. In the last few years, she has evolved her business to offer content creator guides and retreats. I blame her for making me wanting to go to Zanzibar."


"I am a child of the 90s, which means GIFs and animal GIFs are part of my love language. Yet somehow, I only recently learned of this Twitter account."

Arabelle Sicardi's Newsletter

"Arabelle's newsletter is one I really look forward to. It's about beauty in the broadest sense of the term: memes, culture, terror, news, self-care, etc. Her most recent one started with, 'Gonna cut to the chase: cue endless screaming...' So how can you not relate?"


"Anyone else collect places they want to go? Masseria Moroseta is a farmhouse in Ostuni, Italy that I have had my eye on for years now."

Ghetto Gastro

"Ghetto Gastro first got my attention at a dinner they catered, where the dessert was served on a mirror with lines of "coke" (it was powdered sugar). Based in Harlem, they create food as art—I'd consider it sculpture—and work within a space that promotes social activism and community empowerment. Based out of Harlem, when the lockdown hit, they hosted frequent IG Lives in white bath robes, interviewing their friends about what they are cooking, how they are living. Now they are doing fundraising efforts on their website for the Black communities hit hardest by the pandemic."