John Paul Brammer

In his popular weekly advice column ¡Hola Papi!, John Paul Brammer draws from his (often extremely) personal experiences to offer humor-tinged wisdom on love and life. (Or as he originally pitched himself, a “queer Latinx 'Dear Abby' huffing poppers.”)" Based in New York, Brammer has written for publications like The Guardian, Slate and BuzzFeed, runs a popular Twitter account and is working on an ¡Hola Papi! book, due out next year. Below, he shares his favorite Internet finds—mostly videos since, he admits, "I live on YouTube."

Destiny's Child Interview

"The interview where Beyoncé talks about how much she loves whales. I just return to this at times because I relate so deeply to it."

'Lady Marmalade' by Fantasia

"Fantasia being possessed and destroying this 'Lady Marmalade' performance at a Patti LaBelle tribute concert. Layers to this one so watch it, like, three times please."

Alexis Mateo's 'Walter Mercado' Tutorial

"A legend paying homage to another legend. What a cosmic coincidence that Alexis Mateo would do Walter Mercado for Snatch Game before she even knew the Walter Mercado documentary was coming out. Perhaps she saw it in the stars."

10-Minute Beginner Six Pack Workout

"My sister's friend has a series of free, short workout videos that have been pulling me through lockdown. I do this one a lot because it's only 10 minutes! I can do anything for 10 minutes."

'Fancy' by Reba McEntire

"Reba doing a live performance of 'Fancy.' The 'Drag Race All Stars' performance let me down (unlike 'Fancy'), so I went out seeking one of Reba's iconic performances. Reba has been a drag queen for so long. She ain't done bad!"


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♬ Friend or Foe - katherine.lynnrose


"This TikTok teen Katherine Lynn Rose made an 'Avatar: The Last Airbender' musical. She is is so talented! And the songs slap! I was blown away as a huge fan of 'Avatar' myself. I bet you she runs Broadway one day or something."