Tracy Ma

The designer behind the cutting-edge visuals of The New York Times’ Styles section, Tracy Ma is witty, innovative and fluent in the funhouse optics of digital culture. She joined the paper in 2018 (after rising the ranks at Bloomberg Businessweek), and found her sweet spot with interactive features like “The Royal Wedding:FAQ,” “Y2K@20” and this highly relatable workplace report. Tracy was born in Hong Kong and immigrated to Toronto and you can see the aesthetic influence of both cities—the former (brash and technicolor), the latter (spacious and muted)—at play in her work. Her online recommendations, which include a ‘90s Japanese TV soap and Russia’s version of MySpace, are similarly worldly. Check them out, below.


"This is where Mel Paget puts screenshots of movies you may not have heard of because Mel is just a little bit cooler than you."

Rising Tensions

"I cannot name a more chill pastime than sipping on a mug of chamomile tea and carefully studying Steph Davidson’s immense curation of posts on the legendary Tumblr account Rising Tensions. Steph taught me how to look at the world through her very particular brand of creative genius."

The Magazine Rack on

"I love Its Wayback Machine keeps recordings of some of my earliest web designs where I referred to myself as the 'webmistress.' The site led me to this weird non-Disney and therefore somewhat bootleg-looking Cinderella which was a core inspiration for 'The Royal Wedding F.A.Q.' A couple months ago I discovered 'The Magazine Rack' and I’ve been mining it ever since."

'Hitotsu Yane No Shita'

"A few years ago, I rewatched this classic Japanese show. It exploded in popularity across all of East Asia and many Asian diasporic living rooms in the mid-to-late '90s; the timing coincided with my family’s immigration to Canada. Among the belongings we packed with us were pirated VCDs of this show. VCDs were a janky experience, but perhaps less so than clicking through the horrible banner ads on Dramacool. This one show was worthy of a rewatch for both the extremely babely cast and amazing fashions."

Memories of Green - Vangelis by rui.c.sousa


"When I was put through 10 years of piano studies as a kid I was never allowed to play anything fun, only extremely challenging, torture pieces intended to bless young, talentless lasses such as myself with technique and rote memory. Now that I’m a 32-year-old teen, I play whatever I want!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where else can you find the finest piano sheet music of 'Memories of Green' from Vangelis’ seminal score for 'Blade Runner,' Legend Of Zelda’s 'Fairy's Fountain (Theme),' and that little tune 'Pajaro Triste' from Chris Marker’s short 1994 video 'Cat Listening to Music,' all under one URL?"

IRC Galleria

"I learned about this Tumblr on Katie Notopoulos’s podcast years ago and I’ve been haunted by its imagery ever since. IRC Galleria was a Russian social media platform popular in the 2000s. Revealed through the wide horizontal angles are sparsely furnished interiors, large beige computer monitors and low cut jeans that are slightly flared (perhaps worn by Russian teens doing something unwise but fun). I cannot unsee these images, and yet I have, so far, been completely unable to harvest them for any form of creative output. Pretty sure this is a curse."