Kate Sennert

"Folk meets formica" is how Kate Sennert sums up her popular design Instagram account @newagecocaine. "I got interested in this moment between the 1970s and 80s where the hippie folk aesthetic was suddenly overlapping with the drug-fueld glitz of the disco culture," explains the L.A.-based writer/brand consultant. "There couldn't be two more ideologically adverse influences on culture, but somehow they coexisted. And these ideas trickled down to everyday life, in the form of mirrored coffee tables and rattan étagères." Below, Sennert shares her current online obsessions.


"One of my favorite Instagram accounts hands down is @uglydesign. The only thing I don’t like about it is that I didn’t think of it myself (lol). I have an interest in how things look - whether they’re “beautiful” or “ugly” is not so important to me, but rather what they signify. If someone designs a coffin in the likeness of a Twix bar, what does that say? Maybe they liked caramel. Or had diabetes. Rest in delicious chocolatey crumbly pieces."

Robert Sapolsky's "Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers"

"I first discovered Robert Sapolsky listening to Radio Lab’s updated Blame episode, one of my favorites, which questions the limits and existence of free will. Sapolsky is a neurobiologist and primatologist at Stanford, as well as a recipient of a MacArthur genius award. Everything you think you know about human behavior, sex, religion, right and wrong...he’ll make you question it. He’s not only brilliant, but funny as hell. Many of his Stanford lectures, including this one, are available on YouTube."

Facebook Marketplace

"This is my new favorite sleeper shopping spot for furniture and home decor that isn’t totally taken over by dealers. Unlike Craigslist and Ebay, there are still innocent, everyday people selling highly valuable antiques, just happy to get a few bucks and have them out of the house. I recently scored a huge signed Curtis Jere wall sculpture selling for $2,500 on 1stdibs for $50."

Trump Inc.

"If the show 'The Wire' taught us anything, it’s 'follow the money.' That’s exactly what WNYC’s fantastic podcast series Trump Inc. does as it explores 'the mysteries of the President’s businesses.' I binged the whole first season cleaning my house. Season 2 is out this September."

NBA Handshakes

"Someone showed me a compilation of basketball players doing handshakes and it blew my mind. I know absolutely nothing about sports but I’m looking to hire a handshake coach to teach me this beautiful ballet of the hands if anybody knows anybody."