Laura McLaws Helms

Laura Mclaws Helms is behind @laurakitty, the addictive Instagram account serving up deep cuts of retro glamour—from B-movie clips to 1980s jazzercise routines. Helms, who splits her time between London, New York and Los Angeles, is both a fashion writer (she penned a biography on bohemian style plate Thea Porter) and historian (known as a leading authority on the 1980s soap Dynasty). She's also the co-founder of LADY, an arts/fashion magazine (for which she hosts the podcast "LADY's After Hours") and new clothing line Marshmallow. Read up on Laura's online grazing habits below.

Garden Party

"A paid monthly missive about plants and our planet from herbalist Sophia Rose + La Abeja Herbs. It’s my monthly reminder to connect deeper with the Earth—to pause—and to listen more closely to the herbs and plants around me."

Launette's Hour

"A radio show hosted by my dear friend, Laura Coxeter, full of wonderful and rare folk, prog, disco and soul."

Studs Terkel Interviewing Buckminster Fuller

"In his 45 years on WFMT radio, legendary oral historian Studs Terkel recorded over 5,000 interviews. Over 1,000 of them are available online, including this wonderful one with architect and philosopher Bucky Fuller."


"Over the years I’ve written quite extensively about the costumes and ethos of this series, but even after all this time it is still my favourite thing to watch. Luckily now each season is available on Amazon Prime."


"After years of ignoring my foreign language skills, I’ve lately become obsessed with practicing Spanish, Italian and Russian every morning."

Lady's After Hours

"The podcast I host where I speak with cultural creatives about how they have molded their lives around their passions. While I might be a bit biased, I think that so far there are a fascinating group of subjects who have all been very openly sharing about the ups and downs of a creative life."


"I’m obsessed with raccoons and cats, and this Instagram account follows the life of a Russian woman who has not only multiple raccoons and cats but also foxes, badgers, a dog and meerkats in her home."