Trevor McFedries

Trevor McFedries doesn't give many interviews. So we feel pretty lucky. In fact, it's only been a few months since he revealed himself as the co-creator of Lil' Miquela, a comely digital avatar who's found fame on Instagram and increasingly beyond (just this week she released a single and appeared in the latest Vogue). Together with partner Sara Decou, McFedries runs Brud, an LA-based startup redefining the boundaries of celebrity with a cast of fictional AI robots that look and act like Instagram influencers—preening for the camera, clapping back at each other and promoting their favorite social causes (Miquela links to the Innocence Project and Justice for Youth in her bio). McFedries shares his digital obsessions with The Caret, below.


"Alice Barker and her IG are a national treasure."

"The Bug Collector" by Haley Heynderickx

"This is my favorite song right now. Really hoping this album makes it to some end of the year lists so she can get some more love."

How to See "Projects 106" by Martine Syms

"Martine is already one of the most important artists of our generation. She keeps pushing things and it's an honor to sit back and watch."

"Playas Only: The Transformational Experience of Burning Man"

"'Without discounting the real, lived experience of those on their transformational journey quests, we are bumping against the hard limits of the experience economy here: How many true transformational experiences can one have?' Loved this one so much."

"The Concept of Experience"

"'Against everything' is such a great read. This essay spoke to me especially and piggybacks nicely onto that Burning Man piece."

EVERYTHING Gameplay Trailer

"I love this so much. Alan Watts and Gameplay make for such a beautiful juxtaposition, digital organica."

"Cloud Corner" Trailer by Marisa Anderson

"Marisa is a treasure and the look on her face as she works around that guitar makes me feel so many things."

"Rodman Guards Shaq!"

"The entire Oldskoolbball channel is my happy place. The Dennis Rodman highlights are pure joy."