Verena von Pfetten

Verena von Pfetten’s impeccable taste knows no bounds. Her beauty regimen, her media diet, her favorite pair of socks for under $10 — you want it all. But helping strangers level up their lifestyle is just a bit of charitable moonlighting for von Pfetten, who channels the majority of her creative energies into Gossamer, the cannabis culture brand she co-founded three years ago. Through lush art direction and thoughtful messaging, what started as a bi-annual magazine has grown to include two CBD tinctures and product partnerships with the likes of Offhours and Rose Los Angeles. Fortunately for us, von Pfetten still finds time to share her recommendations of all things cool and covetable. Her Caret List, below.


"Like every other undergrad minoring in creative writing, I used to 'love' reading poetry (please know I’m rolling my eyes as I type that), probably because I didn’t have all that much else to do. In any case, these days, the thought of reading a book of poetry is about as scintillating to me as bird-watching: an act others clearly find enjoyable and the mere idea of which bores me to tears. This Instagram account, however, offers me bite-size pleasure interspersed between all the other inane updates and pictures of clothes I shouldn’t buy."


"A bi-weekly newsletter of porn links curated by Clemence Poles and the occasional guest star, x-archives is one of the rare emails I open regardless of intent. It’s surprising, intellectually interesting (truly!), and, well, fun."

"The Challenge"

"I am a longtime fan of MTV’s 'The Challenge' (f.k.a.'The Real World/Road Rules Challenge') but it fell out of my TV rotation probably around the same time I gave up cable. In any case, I’ve been happily gorging myself on the seasons I missed (28 through 35, if you must know) in quar, and supporting said binge with frequent forays into the show's Fandom wikis (for refreshers on contestant bios and castmate feuds) and the MTVChallenge sub-reddit. Not for nothing, I’m convinced The Challenge is one of the most underrated long-running reality shows on television and you’re all missing out."

Chiccy Nuggies Meme

"Is this under-the-radar? No idea. Am I obsessed with it? Yes. Do I find an excuse to use it or post it at least once a week? For better or for worse. Is it perhaps the most on-brand thing I can share here? Absolutely."


"I take psychedelics largely recreationally but I love the idea of occasionally being more intentional about it. You know, for my health, or whatever. Anyway, this app offers sound and prompt-driven guides to your own at-home experience and plenty of resources for those who might be curious or nervous."


"If you’re in the mood for some herbal-infused edibles that taste delicious and make you feel great, I recommend giving @atmospheres an Instagram follow. My favorite one is made from rose, nettle, cacao, cardamom, honey, almond, and date, and all proceeds are donated. As they put it, Atmospheres are made 'for love, not money.'"